Given that I'm just NOT in the habit of posting at night, I'll probably start doing these first thing in the morning for the day before.  So yays for Sunday:
  • Cherry pomegranate Crystal Light CAN be gotten out of light beige carpet if you get there fast enough.
  • While in search of an alternative gluten free potsticker wrapper recipe, I ran across this post, which had the GENIUS idea of using a tortilla press (which I have) to press out the wrappers rather than trying to roll them.  Also, she introduced me to the DUMPLING PRESS, a handy little contraption that pleats them FOR YOU.  I have totally ordered on on Amazon.  This will take all the backbreaking work out of making dumplings and put them on the menu more than once a year! 
  • We actually managed to get a few smiling pictures out of a baby photo shoot yesterday where the 6 month old was SUPER UNHAPPY.  Win.
  • I sorted the details (mostly) of a scene that's been giving me a lot of trouble in my primary WIP.
  • My kitchen is CLEAN, down to having scrubbed the cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap and moisturized them with lemon oil.  

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