Oooo, I have been JAZZED TODAY.  Combination overdose on candy corn (it is October, so my moratorium is over and I am allowed to have 2 bags until Halloween, when the moratorium goes into effect again), and creative adrenaline from having finished reading my crit partner's zero draft.  It was freaking AMAZING, and it absolutely got my creative juices flowing on some of my own projects.  This YA trilogy I'm writing has been very murky after this first book, and today I had a MAJOR epiphany regarding the end game of the whole thing and am starting to sort out the overarching concept of the middle book.  And I got 1200 words written on my primary WIP today.  Oh, and I ran for the first time in two weeks.  3.2 miles in 37:45.  After the two week layoff, I was really pleased with that.  All in all a GREAT day.

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