On the back side of a meltdown, I always feel better and worse.  In that way that a good cry makes you feel better but also leaves you with an epic headache.  I feel kind of purged.  There's a quote from today's Daily Good article that really sums up how I try to live "If you run out of hope at the end of the day,...rise in the morning and put it on again with your shoes."

As much as I logically know how the world works (I am, after all, a recovering cynic and realist), I have to dissociate myself from this truth (as said truths are the kind of thing that send people walking out in front of buses) and rebuild my armor of hope and positivity, reaffirm my purpose, my goals, and the things that are actually within my control.  So even though my armor feels a mite brittle today, I'm carrying on anyway and having faith that it will get better.


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