It's been a really good week.  
  • I broke the 80k word mark on my current book.
  • Zappos is having a sale on Levis, and they have my beloved 529s (which I was told two years ago were discontinued), so I bought two more pair.
  • My weekly lunch buddies and I have decided to switch from our eating out to eating in.  As I'm the cook, they're going to bring me ingredients, and I'm going to make our lunch every week.  We had vegetarian stuffed shells out on our patio yesterday, and it was lovely.
  • I actually FOUND the cherry peppers I need for the Chicken Riggies recipe I found at Cook's Country (go Kroger).
  • I discovered via the local NaNoWriMo board that there is actually a writer's group that meets at a local bookshop twice a month.  Guess I'll try that out sometime in November. 


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