It's late and I need to haul my fanny to bed since tomorrow is Monday, but I wanted to pop on to report one very EPIC yay for the day.  
  • This month I officially broke my record for MOST WORDS WRITTEN IN A MONTH.  Ever.  Just over 22k (prior record about 20.5k and that being very rare in itself).  
  • In that vein, I'm also ecstatic about a scene I wrote over the weekend that was unplanned and turned out to be just AWESOME (and has me seriously crushing on the love interest in this triangle that she's NOT supposed to end up with).  
  • Also, hubs and I did our first ever newborn photo shoot for our friends who just had an adorable baby girl.  The photos turned out GREAT (it helps that the subject was cute as a freaking button).  The Aaaaaw factor was pretty darn high.
  • And it's worth noting that I made kick ass bacon gouda burgers for dinner.  Small but always worth celebrating.


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