Okay so I've been kind of lousy about remembering to do this this week.  Not because my week is going bad but just because my habit is blogging in the morning, not evening, so I just forget.
  • Perhaps one of my biggest yays for the week is that National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) starts in less than 3 weeks.  In and of itself this is not really a thing, as I haven't properly participated in years, but the exciting thing is that I've found some local writers through the NaNo regional boards and we're all working to set up some Write Ins.  As I've long wanted to connect with some local writers (questioning if they even existed in my relatively small town), this makes me quite happy. 
  • I'm one scene away from knocking out my first act in the novella I'm writing.
  • I finally sorted out what was holding me back on my second pinch point in my primary work in progress (which I hope to get through today).
  • I saw some gorgeous monarch butterflies flitting around one of our bushes the other day (some big sprawling thing with purple flowers--no idea what it is, I'm not a gardener).  
  • I've been attacked by yet another plot bunny (for you non-writer types, this is the popular term for new ideas that tend to pop up while we are working on another project and often tend to proliferate like, well, bunnies) which looks really promising for a future project.
  • The weather has been GORGEOUS this week, lovely and cool in the mornings, enough so that I've been able to wear my new fleece (I am easily made happy).  

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