What a glorious weekend!  I could really get behind this whole three day weekend thing.  Long enough to get stuff DONE and still with a day to recover before coming back to work.  Hubs and I did a major deep clean (first since Christmas) and rearranged some furniture.  I'm really happy with the end result.  My library feels more librarylike.  It's so NICE to have a clean house!  I'm hoping it will clear my brain some for the many many things I need to accomplish over the next month.

Daisy got caught RUNNING yesterday, so she's clearly feeling better and we're all delighted.  We really value the good days with her after what she's been through the last year.

Rain was forecast this morning and so far it hasn't materialized.  Maybe it will have missed us.  We've had MORE than enough lately, and would really like to see things DRY OUT some.  Yesterday's afternoon in the sunshine was so lovely, I'd like to have more of it.

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