We've got wicked heavy fog this morning.  Considering I don't actually have to get out in it, I can enjoy the atmosphere!  It obscures the ocean of hay beyond the back fence--a world of quiet white.  Really beautiful and soothing in its own way.  Like a little cocoon from the rest of the world.  

It's my birthday today.  I'm 33.  My gift to myself was to take the day off and SLEEP IN by TWO WHOLE HOURS (I am a great fan of sleep).  Then I'm headed up the road to hang with my mom for the day whenever the fog lifts.  But just now I'm enjoying this quiet me time with the pups before running in to anybody else.    

We've got some organizing and spring cleaning projects to do this weekend, which probably doesn't sound like something to be excited about, but I am.  The house has been pretty chaotic since Christmas and it's been DRIVING ME NUTS.  I'm one of those people for whom the state of the house largely affects/reflects the state of my brain, so chaos and mess = more chaos and mess, which is not great for the productivity.  So REALLY looking forward to a good, thorough spring clean!

And maybe some swanky mac and cheese for my birthday dinner--there's a brick of fontina in the fridge that's calling my name...

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