Hitting the high points of positive as I start out the week on Monday (traditionally overcome with suckitude because it's Monday and I'm awake).
  • It's SUNNY!  I know I keep mentioning this one, but you just can't even understand how sick I am of rain.
  • I got to run this morning for the first time in ten days.  Was a bit slower than my last run but still faster than my first run back after Christmas.  Under a 13 minute mile.  It might be more properly called a shuffle than a run, but go with me here.
  • Yesterday I managed to outline the new second half of the book I'm writing.  Still have some details to figure out, but the gist is there and I have DIRECTION.  YAY.
  • I got last night's dishes done BEFORE LEAVING FOR WORK.  
  • That's all I've got...it is, after all, Monday...

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